hadirku bukan meminta simpati...hidupku bukan untuk menyendiri...diriku sentiasa mencari erti...walaupun persoalan yang ku temui...



Wednesday, December 7, 2011


hi all,
its been quite along period of time since the last time i update my blog..
currently i have not work at fast food restaurant..
now i have work at Menara Maxis Kuala Lumpur
please do not complain to me if you have any problem with maxis service or line..
because i have enough complaint even from my family regarding its service..
i'm not in customer sercive department ok..

eventhough i have start to build my career.. there is something that is not right...
i do not known what or why..
but the loneliness keep coming where ever i go..

i know that i have to face it somehow.. somewhat..
there must be a way..

if i cannot find it soon..
there is a big trouble waiting for me...

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